Keep Your Car in Like-New Condition

Keep Your Car in Like-New Condition

Hire us for transmission repair services in El Paso, TX or Las Cruces, NM

A working transmission is an important piece of keeping your car in good shape. If you find yourself in need of transmission repair services, the experts at Vista Auto Service Center are always ready to help.
With over three decades of experience and a commitment to providing affordable prices, we're your go-to for transmission repairs in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM. Find out more about our dedication to top-quality service by contacting us today.

When should you call us?

The signs that you need a transmission repair shouldn't be ignored. Neglecting to handle these issues can result in needing a full transmission replacement or even a whole new car. Call us today if your car is:

  • Refusing to shift gears
  • Producing a burning smell
  • Leaking fluid
Call 915-592-3011 to schedule transmission repair services today.